• Choosing Colors For Your Website – Which Colors Suit Yours?

    Picking color theme for your website is often exciting and confusing experience. Should your website’s color theme represent your branding and identity? Does blue works better than green? Are there some psychology reason behind all the colors used on your site? (more…)

  • So You Want a Cheap Premium Quality Website Ready by Tomorrow?

    There’s an old saying, one of my favorites that applies here:

    “There’s fast, there’s cheap and there’s good. You get to choose TWO.”

    You have three alternatives:  (more…)

  • User Experience: Make it Easy to your Customers

    People loves a good user experience when they are looking for an information on the Internet. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to building a good user experience for your website, especially accessibility and the quality of your website such as providing clarity about your services and products. (more…)

  • What Your Website Need: Call to Action Button

    You have a nice website with great information about your business.
    You have a lots of visitors and potential customers visiting your website everyday.
    But you are not getting much phone calls or emails – which mean that your website does not converting well. (more…)

  • RM500 Website Will Kill Your Business

    How many times do people click away right after they’ve realized that they have landed on an amateur-looking site?

    When you hire a web designer, make sure that you don’t ‘save’ a few ringgit but lose a ton over quality which will affecting your customer’s trust factor. (more…)

  • Farewell Internet Explorer

    Microsoft reported to drop the brand Internet Explorer for the browser in Windows 10. Currently the project is given code name Spartan.

    Hopefully, they are looking to also improve the components of the browser rather than just switching to another name.

    IE11 is not bad compared to the predecessor – but still lack behind Firefox and Chrome.

    As for web developers, we only hope that Spartan follows the W3C guidelines so we can be consistent across multiple platform and browsers.


  • Survey for Mobile App Marketplace

    Guys, we would like to get some feedback about the local mobile app marketplace suggestions and ideas. I’d really appreciate if anyone of you can take a few minutes to complete this survey.

    We will use the data submitted as part of our research in working on our upcoming project.


  • Content Is King, Queen and the Whole Curia Regis Affair

    It is challenging for your website to stand out from the crowd without understanding how Google works. Many methods and tricks has been shared on the internet about SEO positioning, but the whole effort need to back to the source – the quality of your content.

    If you have a website, make sure your content is rich, offers quality information with frequent updates from time to time, through blogs, news, etc.

    If you have good content, people will appreciate your site and eventually, your website will be in Google preferred list.

    I always believe that a beautiful website makes people come, quality content makes them stay.

  • The Return of Interactive Animated Effects

    Remember those days when EVERYONE wanted to have a fancy flash intro on the website. Yes, those flashy loading countdown timer which makes us think a cool thing to have thinking that our website visitors have all the time waiting for the whole page to load.

    However, time has changed. Web developers no longer highlight the Flash feature to the clients because, and let’s face it – it’s counter productive, loading time is slow and it took longer time to develop, which mean higher cost to the clients.

    However, BEHOLD – HTML5!

    HTML5 has been a total revolution, and after a few years that the web had lost the animation, transitions, flying text and images to full-screen size, these interactive elements are making a come back in fashion.

    Lightweight and fast, HTML5 is a good alternative in displaying the eye catching elements on the web and if it is not abused, it will definitely engaged the visitors.

  • The End of Mobile Web

    This is a reality and we can’t deny it.

    Not so long time ago, websites were designed specifically for mobile (remember WAP site guys?), but with the advance of responsive web design, everything has changed. Many of my clients are started to inquire about responsiveness of their website. Anyway, developing two different website layout, instead of customizable structure is a total waste of time and unpractical.

    Goodbye WAP site.

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